Our Address

Ecolodge / Kuckucksmuehle

Ausbau 7, Heiligengrabe, 16909 Germany

Our Co-ordinates

53.10347,12.40463 (Latitude, Longitude)
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If you’re arriving by train…

Nearest Train Station is Liebenthal(OPR) (7km) sometimes written as Liebenthal(Prignitz) – For that Train you have to push the “Stop(p)” button, otherwise it may not stop.

In some rare/awkward cases Blumenthal (Mark) is also possible, it’s on a different route and only drives a few times a day (7km).

You can plan your train ride with this website.

Arranging a lift from the train station

If you need a lift from the train station please contact us at least 1 day before arrival in order for us to arrange a lift for you. If you are coming as a group please ensure that you arrive all together to reduce the number of car trips that we would need to make.

Arriving via car

Leave the Highway (A24) on exit 21. If you come from Berlin, turn left after exit or if you come from Hamburg/Rostock, turn right after the exit and drive to the village Herzsprung. Turn left on L14 to ‘Kyritz’ and right after the end of the village (still Herzsprung) to Koenigsberg/Blumenthal/Grabow. In Grabow take the second right (Middle of the village/Oaktree) then turn left at the end to leave the village. Follow the road for about 4 Kilometers (be aware of the speed limit 50! and 30!; animals and children may cross the street and other cars can appear after each curve) and when the road turns into cobblestone you are in front of the mill.

Next to it you see a lot of space to park. Don’t park in front of the gate. This space is needed for the fire department in case of a fire hazard.

Arriving by Bicycle or Hitch-hiking

To arrive on your own, use the OSM Bicycle map. Navigation systems help you to reach Grabow or Blandikow, but they often do not know about the road to follow. Please look at the map before you leave, it is possible that you cannot load it due to bad mobile reception.

If you’re hitchhiking from Berlin please see this link

(Option 2 – Prenzlauer Promenade – is recommended if coming from central Berlin.)