Wheelchair access

The ground floor of the Ecolodge and a single room on the same floor are accessible with a wheelchair however the bathroom is not equipped with any aids at present.

There are also other areas of the property which may pose accessibility challenges such as muddy paths. If you have specific needs, concerns or questions in relation to accessibility please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are happy to welcome children in our community spaces. Please keep in mind there are large and medium sized dogs in the yard, open streams and nature along side the property, we ask that the children’s guardians act responsibly.

Smoking, drugs and alcohol

We would kindly ask all visitors to refrain from smoking indoors and in all areas that are considered communal.

If you do wish to smoke please do so outside and away from others. We want to keep the space open and welcoming to all in a way that everyone is able to enjoy it.

As for alcohol and illegal drugs that are harmful to you, the environment and the people around you, you are encouraged to take your stay as an opportunity to spend some time in an alcohol and drug free environment.

If you want to consume drugs and/or alcohol please do it in respect to other people. Parties and rituals that are focused on alcohol and/or drug use are not encouraged.

Pets and allergies

We kindly ask you not to bring your pets with you as we are already at capacity with the animals on site. Bear in mind that the space is designed to welcome as many people as possible and some may be affected by allergies to pet hair.

There are already cats, dogs and chickens on site. Some people with allergies may find this environment challenging. If you usually suffer from allergies please take this into account. For example if you usually take anti-histamines please remember to bring some with you just in case.